Occupancy Security Solutions

As a property manager, you are faced with the threat of theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and liability charges in the case of accidents.

It can be overwhelming deciding on security systems and features, but that's why we are here. From project start to finish, we work alongside you to figure out which system or combination will work best for your property.
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Who Can Benefit?

We believe a quality security system can benefit both property managers and tenants in a variety of occupancy industries.

Apartments/Long-term rentals

Apartments give short and long-term housing to tenants, so a quality security system is a must for occupants to feel safe and to prevent crime.


Hotels see high-traffic every day, and are a common place for theft and crime. Protect your building and guests by implementing a security system.

Private Rental Companies

Private rental companies have grown in popularity in recent years. These smaller scale rentals can benefit from security measures to deter crime and prevent accidents.