The Power of Access Control Systems

Electronic Door Access Control is a powerful and advanced system that creates additional security protection for businesses
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Benefits of Access Control

Easy Key Management

Traditional keys pose additional security risks, and if one is lost the entire locking system needs changed. By using an access system, you have control over each key or credential at all times.

Save Time and money

Employees and business owners can avoid spending large amounts of time locking up at the end of the day with an access control system.

Additional Security

Track and utilize statistics to determine who had access to specific areas at certain times. This gives owners the ability to see who had access to an area in the event of theft or loss.

Customized Solutions

Access Control systems give owners the ability to customize access users, days, times, and locations. This saves times and gives you plenty of layers of protection for your business.

Frequently asked questions

Commonly asked questions regarding access control systems
What types of keys and readers can I use with my access system?
Access Control systems can utilize a variety of keys and readers depending on the situation. For a simple and inexpensive system, many people opt for a PIN reader, but this comes at a security cost, as the codes will need changed every time you remove users. For more advanced security, we suggest using RFID technology in the form of cards or key fobs. If the area requires high security, we recommend biometric readers that scan user's physical characteristics to authorize entry.
Can I add more doors to my access system later?
Of course! Access systems are easily scaled to add more doors and areas in the future without interfering with the existing system.
How does the system work?
There are traditionally four components to the access control system. An access control panel, the reader, the door lock, and the tag or key (credentials). When a user presents a tag to the reader, the reader will communicate with the panel to either authorize or deny access based on the software programming. If the user is permitted to access the area, the door will unlock and allow the user to enter.

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